What guides your business?

    As a Loctician with over 19 years of nursing experience, the foundation of my business is health first. Beautiful hair and skin starts from the inside and is often a reflection of overall health. My approach is grounded in this philosophy and apparent in the products I create and the client experience. 

    What happens with my Credit Card information when I schedule an appointment?

    When scheduling your appointment, your card information is held on file in case of a no-call, no-show. Your card will not be charged at the time the appointment is booked. Management reserves the right to charge a small fee (per cancellation policy), if adequate notice isn't provided for appointment change.

    How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?

    The Booking Calendar is open for up to 90 days from the present date and reflects up to date availability.

    Is there a charge for shampoo service?

    No, shampoo service is included free of charge.

    Which hair services require a consultation?

    A consultation is required for  Microlocs, Permanent Loc Extensions and Instant Locs. The consultation fee is applied to cost of service if you decide to book. This fee is non-transferrable. Consultations may occur in-person or remote. 

    What technique is used for Microloc Installs?

    I utilize the interlocking method for Microloc installs as it provides the strongest foundation for locs of this size. 

    Is the hair included in the price for Loc Extensions?

    The cost is for installation only. I do not provide the Locs but can refer you to reputable vendors.

    How often should I shampoo my locs?

    Locs should be shampoo’d at least once weekly. This promotes hair and scalp health and aids in the locing process.

    How frequent should my loc maintenance appointments occur?

    Palm Rolling should occur no more often than every 4 weeks. Clients typically retwist every 4-6 weeks. Retwisting or styling too frequently may lead to thinning and/or breakage.

    Interlocking and Crochet Retwist allows for more infrequent maintenance appointments and usually occurs every 2-3 months. Sufficient new growth is required for this service (approximately 1 inch). 

    What training have you had as a Loctician?

    • Certified in the Installation of Permanent Loc Extensions and Instant Locs.
    • Certified Microloc Mastery Consultant.